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August 19, 2019

Dual Access for all Digital Subscriptions: [October 2017]
    New! All Pilots Guide digital subscriptions now work with both Pilots Guide versions; the iOS App AND the online PDF Edition. No longer do you need to choose between separate iOS or PDF subscriptions.

    If you have an iOS Data Plan, you may use that same Purchase ID (shown on the Data Plans page in your App) to access the PDF Edition at www.pilotsguide.com. Likewise, if you have a PDF Data Plan, you may use your Login ID as a Purchase ID to load an iOS Data Plan in the Pilots Guide for iOS App.

Transition to All-Digital Product Line: [April 2016]
    After more than 40 years in print, Pilots Guide is going all-digital!

    While we have always been a major proponent of having paper resources in the cockpit, the ever-rising costs of printing and delivery of our paper Revisions, combined with a continuing decline in paper subscriptions, and a steady increase in iOS data subscriptions, has dictated the need to change the way we deliver our airport information.

    Effective immediately, we will no longer be publishing new paper Pilots Guide books or paper Revisions. The current Revisions, listed below, are the final printed Revisions for each Pilots Guide. All current paper Revision Service subscriptions will be converted to the subscribers choice of an iOS Data Plan subscription, or to our new PDF Edition subscription. The duration of the subscriber's new digital subscription will match the expiration of the subscriber's former paper Revision Service subscription.

    The benefits of publishing our airport information digitally are numerous:

    • Continuous Updates— Instead of one or two printed Revisions per year, airport pages will be updated continuously, as we learn of, and can confirm, changes to the information.

    • Addition of Color Page Elements— Color airport photos and the use of additional colors to enhance features of our approach maps (magenta for Class C airspace, for example)—cost prohibitive in a printed paper format— are likely enhancements to be included as pages are revised.

    • No More Removing and Replacing Pages— Subscribers to our iOS App enjoy the automatic updates; newly revised pages are added to the App automatically, at the tap of a button. Subscribers to our new PDF Edition may download and print the latest version of any airport page, or set of pages, when flight planning, or any time as needed.

    • Cost Savings— By eliminating the cost of printing and delivering paper Revisions, we are able to maintain our low annual subscription prices, AND offer multi-subscription discounts: Save $10 when subscribing to any two data regions*, and almost $30 when subscribing to all three data regions*!
      *Data regions of coverage are the same state groupings as covered by the former paper Pilots Guides: California, Northwest and Southwest.

    Existing paper subscribers will be contacted individually by email and/or mail during the month if April to make the transition to either the iOS Data Plan subscription, or PDF Edition subscription.

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    As is our policy, your personal information including email address are kept private and will not be sold, shared or used in any way other than described here.

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